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Departmental Report 2015 Toronto Canada


When a fundamental commitment to give the best and most compassionate care to children is combined with an ambitious, talented research and teaching agenda, set in a global environment as dynamic and diverse as ours, the impact of that commitment multiplies, benefitting countless children and their families—not only in Toronto, but across Canada and around the globe.
Agnes Wong, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief

Vision is our window to understand and appreciate the world. From the feeling we get when we see a loved one’s smile, to the way it helps us perform complex tasks, vision is one of the essential senses that drives human life. We seem to assume that children are innocent, that they are too young to have eye problems that adults commonly face, other than perhaps a few who need to wear glasses. Unfortunately, eye diseases do not discriminate between the young and the old. When children develop an eye problem it affects not only their sight, it also deprives them of many opportunities in the most crucial time of their lives to grow, to learn, and to play.

The doctors and the eye care team in SickKids Ophthalmology believe that every child has the right to the best healthcare. With this commitment in mind, we lead a clinical program that is one of the best and largest in the world, serving over 20,000 children every year. We are the only centre in Canada that offers comprehensive services dedicated to children, providing the most complex eye care that covers all subspecialties and advanced surgical interventions. Many of our talented and experienced physicians have formal training in multiple disciplines, and they are supported by an equally dedicated and compassionate team of allied health professionals.

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Agnes Wong, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief

We also have an internationally renowned research program, with an excellent track record of productivity. We strive to bring children the newest, safest, and state-of-the-art clinical care through research and innovation. Many of our physicians and scientists are engaged in basic and clinical research, and are expert leaders in their fields. We are affiliated with the University of Toronto and offer one of the best and largest paediatric ophthalmology training programs in the world. We train all levels of students and future generations of doctors who go on to work in many communities within Canada and across the globe. Our physicians and scientists have received multiple teaching awards and are sought-after lecturers at major universities and institutions around the world. We have also launched a Global Care and International Ophthalmology initiative that is driving the development of collaborative healthcare solutions worldwide.

In the following pages, you will also learn more about our achievements and successes. Through carefully selected images, we will illustrate our fundamental commitment to give the best and most compassionate care to children. The impact of that dedication is multiplied when it is combined with an ambitious, talented, research and teaching agenda, set in a global environment as dynamic and diverse as ours. Countless children and their families benefit—not only in Toronto, but also across Canada and around the globe. We also want to convey the depth and sophistication of our programs, and how satisfying it is to be part of a department that is as vibrant as SickKids Ophthalmology.

You will learn about the challenges we face. We rely on the support of donors, partners, and interested parties like you. Our mission is to promote children’s eye health and treat eye diseases by integrating excellent clinical care, rigorous research, and world-class education. Children deserve the best care because they are our future. They are like canaries in the coal mine to remind us to be present; to pay attention to what is important in life and do the right thing. I hope that this report will reaffirm your commitment to our cause and the importance of our mission. The contribution you make, no matter what form it takes, truly changes lives.

Dr. Agnes Wong


We are committed to providing the best and most innovative care to the children we treat, by integrating clinical care with research and education. We are also committed to fostering a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and respectful team environment, so that each team member enjoys opportunities for educational advancement, work satisfaction, and personal growth.

Our goals are:

  • Promote children’s eye health and treating eye diseases through excellent clinical care.

  • Create new scientific and clinical knowledge through rigorous research.

  • Train future generations through our world-class educational programs.


“It is a privilege to be a member of this talented and supportive group of practitioners and scientists, whose dedication to improving eye care for children will continue to make an impact in Canada and abroad.” —DR. STEPHEN KRAFT


Agnes Wong, MD, PhDNeuro-Ophthalmology, Strabismus

Staff Ophthalmologists

Asim Ali, MDAnterior Segment, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Strabismus
Andrew Budning, MDRetinoblastoma
Ray Buncic, MDNeuro-Ophthalmology, Craniofacial Anomalies
Dan DeAngelis, MDOculoplastics, Orbit
Brenda Gallie, MDRetinoblastoma
Elise Héon, MDOcular Genetics, Retinoblastoma
Peter Kertes, MDRetina
Stephen Kraft, MDStrabismus
Wai-Ching Lam, MDRetina
Michael Wan, MDNeuro-Ophthalmology, Strabismus
Kamiar Mireskandari, MBChB, PhDAnterior Segment, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Strabismus, Retinopathy of Prematurity
Rajeev Muni, MDRetina
Nasrin Najm-Tehrani, MBBCh, MScAnterior Segment, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Strabismus, Retinopathy of Prematurity
David Smith, MDStrabismus
Ajoy Vincent, MBBS, MSOcular Genetics, Visual Electrophysiology


Carol Westall, OD, PhDVisual Electrophysiology
Helen Dimaras, PhDGlobal eye health research